30 – 45 minutes


Get clear on what your next steps are and why.  And let’s find out if you’re a committed rockstar who gets to take life to the next level through working with me.  Get a whole lotta love and support.  If you live outside the US and Canada, please be sure to clarify so we can meet via Skype or Zoom.


If you’re fed up with the results you’re getting in your life, it’s time to take a deep dive into this 6 month program.  This program is different than other methods as it’s a distinction-based teaching model that allows people to make choices outside of their normal paradigm. Until these new choices are distinguished, we don’t even know they exist.

Shift your paradigm to step into a world of less stress, easier decision-making, faster resolution to problems, better communication, results with less struggle and happiness regardless of your circumstances. ONLY seriously committed people need apply.

One-on-one private coaching; 90-day, 6-month and 1-year commitments
(success takes time and practice)


For women who want support and accountability in changing direction in their lives; in stepping into their power and feeling comfortable in their own skin; in learning how to uplevel their struggling businesses; who want to learn tools, processes and strategies to navigate life with more joy and ease and create true success.  Saying YES uplevels relationships, business and more.  Together we create a plan, focusing on your biggest goal and 3 biggest outcomes desired.  You get to start creating a life you love.  Stop waiting for the magic pill…YOU are it!

One on one private coaching (60 minute sessions)
Bundle of 3 – $597


This series of 3 sessions often produces transformation!  It’s happened with many clients…Book this if you need some inspiration, a tune-up or tune in, intuitive guidance for your next steps and lots of love and magic.

My VIP Days are designed to focus on your greatest area of need (an intensive) and to create a strategy that will get you moving in achieving results in any area of your life.  You choose.  This can be done virtually or at a hotel of your choice.  Pricing will depend on your location.

Full VIP Day – Live or virtual (5-hour intensive)
Half VIP Day – Live or virtual (3-hour intensive)

Under Construction – Coming Early 2018