From the time I came onto the planet, things were just not right. I was abnormally anxious and afraid.


Weird things happened to me way too often.  I never felt comfortable in my body and I sure as hell didn’t feel like this planet was my home.  I felt lonely, depressed, unseen and misunderstood.


As a kid, I’d hear voices and footsteps upstairs when my parents were away.  I’d sit behind a chair for hours, terrified.  I saw things that weren’t normal.  I had experiences that weren’t normal.  I was told I had an overactive imagination and that mental illness ran in the family.


I hated school.  I couldn’t concentrate.  All I wanted to do was daydream and draw.


Then, after 48 years of a life that included a mixed bag of music and some good, sprinkled with some molestation, rape, abuse, toxic relationships, and divorce…


The wake-up call came in the form of a wildfire, which took my home and my family’s belongings in a matter of minutes.  Two months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.


And that’s when I made a new decision.  Four years later, I found a way to leave everything behind. I knew I had to leave or my life was going to kill me.  I packed up my kid, left and never looked back.


Looking back now, it was all a gift.


Because my journey gave me the opportunity of finding my REAL self. It brought me to my reason for being here.  I not only survived my entire lifetime, but am thriving because of the gifts it gave me.  I’ve learned that I am stronger than I ever knew.  I now know that I have the power to accomplish anything I want.  And at 58, I can say that I stand in a powerful place of inner peace and alignment.  I love myself.  I am unshakable, unapologetic and unstoppable.


And that’s why I teach women to say YES.


 Because every single woman that says YES to life and the unknown, ends up seeing their brilliance, finding their voice, embracing their strengths, loving their weaknesses and living up to their true potential. Women who say YES, uplevel their inner game and businesses to make the most impact and money. I help women go FROM MEDIOCRE TO MIND-BLOWING. Through the magic of YES.


Success looks amazing on you.


I look forward to supporting YOU in becoming the most BRILLIANT, CONFIDENT, AUTHENTIC & POWERFUL woman possible.


Lisa is a wise soul and a delightful interviewer! I’ve rarely been with someone so connected, so perceptive, so spiritual, and so grounded, all at the same time. I LOVED being with her and look forward to our next adventure together. She’s a gem!

Joe Vitale

Mr Fire - Expect Miracles


It doesn’t matter how many coaching programs or self- improvement courses you’ve taken. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, haven’t found your voice or stepped into your power, have no idea of how to manage your mindset, have no vision or creative flow and are stuck on your next best step in your business, it will be a long and difficult journey to making impact and income.


That’s not bad news. It’s good. Because TODAY you can choose to change everything.


I can help you starting today. Invest in yourself by working with me. Let me help you in getting clear, on point and on FIRE.